New developments in Dubai

We are off-plan Dubai and in this article we will tell you little bit about dubai properties and new developments in Dubai The purchase of real estate is currently relevant not only for foreigners from neighboring countries of the United Arab Emirates. Residents of central Europe are now actively investing in residential real estate. Attractively looks like the local housing and for Russian citizens: they are among the top ten foreign clients of elite housing in this prosperous city.

However, it is not only about new premium-class buildings, but also about more simple comfortable housing, which can be purchased relatively inexpensively. In connection with the growing consumer demand, the opening of even more construction sites is announced.

Prestige Property buy a buy property in Dubai cheaply from developers and owners, the site shows prices for property in Dubai, the location of objects, photos and description. Investing in Dubai is an investment in a rapidly developing metropolis, full of ambitious plans and incredible design solutions.

The growing interest in the purchase of apartments, houses, and hotels is evidenced by the dynamics of the profits of companies selling real estate: only in the past year, sales have increased by almost 200%. A convincing fact can also be found that the prices of apartments and houses a few years ago fell by half, and now grow quite quickly.

Economic forecasts suggest a further rise in price, so that someone who has already decided to buy an apartment or a house in this area, you should not hesitate. In addition, the choice is so great and varied that for each buyer there are several interesting options.

Attractive market conditions

Foreign investors, including Russia, in the largest city on the shore of the Persian Gulf feel comfortable: the real estate market is developing and full of offers, and transparent local legislation promotes the manifestation of economic interest.

Literally in early 2014, the law turned even more to those who want to buy a house or apartment in Dubai. Now registration of trade is simplified even more. Attracting investment from abroad has a beneficial effect on the economy of the country, so this strategy will continue.

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