Tabs widget – how to link to a specific tab

This question kept coming up on the Tabs widget for page builder plugin support, so I decided to write this short post about it.

How can we link to a specific tab?

This can be done with a bit of custom JavaScript code.

First we have to add a class and a href to the link/button, that will trigger the tab to open. For this example we will use this link <a class="js-trigger-tab" href="#tab-test-2">open test tab</a>. In the href you have to write the ID of the tab content div (in our example: #tab-test-2) that you want to open and you also have to set the class of the link to js-trigger-tab.

Then we need to add the JS code, which will open the tab:

That’s it 🙂

Let me know, if you have any questions in the comments section below.

WordPress – How to set “direct” filesystem method

There is only one short line of code needed to set the filesystem method for your WordPress site.

This line of code has to be added to wp-config.php file of your WordPress install. First search the wp-config.php file for “FS_METHOD” in case that it’s already defined. If that’s the case, then just change the value to “direct”. Otherwise add this line:

above this comment in the wp-config.php file:

So the code in wp-config.php will look like this :

That’s it 🙂

More info on FS_METHOD.

Tabs widget for Page Builder

This post will serve as a quick summary/docs page for our new Tabs widget for Page Builder plugin.

Firsty I would like to address the issues:

  • this widget works only in the Page Builder by SiteOrigin editor, so don’t use it in WordPress sidebars as a regular widget. This issue has been fixed in version 1.1.0., so you can now use this widget also in the WP sidebars.
  • the front end design is “bare bones”. It has only the default Bootstrap design of the tabs: link. So you should style it to your own liking with custom CSS. Maybe we will add some custom skins in the future, but I can’t make any promises.

Both items on the above list might be fixed in later version of the plugin, but again, I can’t make any promises.

There are no settings in the plugin, just two WordPress filters:

  • ‘pt-tabs/enqueue_admin_scripts’ and
  • ‘pt-tabs/enqueue_frontend_scripts’

You can make use of them to disable enqueuing of certain files, that might be already enqueued in the theme.

The above filters have default values, so with this code there would be no changes. But for example in our Beauty theme by Proteus Themes, we are using this filter code:

With this code we are disabling the enqueuing of the frontend scripts, because we already have the appropriate bootstrap JS and CSS code included inside our theme. And we also use the mustache.js library inside the theme and so we just pass the name of the registered library (this also saves us from enqueueing a second copy of mustache.js).

I hope this posts helped you in some way, otherwise I would advise you to check the plugin code (it’s a small plugin). Or you can ask questions in the support section of the plugin:


How to add a custom post type into the sub-menu of a custom menu

Yeah I know the title is a bit weird, but it describes the problem that I faced today. I started developing my first real plugin and I wanted to achieve the following:

  1. create an admin menu page, with function add_menu_page()  -> easy,
  2. add a sub-menu page called “settings”, with function add_submenu_page() -> easy,
  3. register a custom post type and put it under the menu from point 1. -> easy, but not for a beginner  🙂

Maybe a picture will help.

Main admin menu

“TTLM” is a menu page that I created, “settings” is the sub-menu page. I wanted to add a custom post type named “Teams” to be placed in between.

This is how I accomplished it:


So basically:

  1. when registering a custom post type set the ‘show_in_menu’ argument to false,
  2. when adding a sub-menu item set the callback function to NULL and the menu_slug to the custom post type, e.g. ‘edit.php?post_type=your_custom_post_type_name_goes_here’

I hope this helps and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments bellow.


Anantara the Palm Dubai Residences

Reference : ExpressBlogger In this blog post, we will talk about Anantara the Palm Dubai Residences. This Residence building is located in the beautiful location Palm Jumeirah, to be more specific it is on the Eastern Crescent on Palm Jumeirah within the beautiful resort a five-star hotel booking Anantara The Palm Jumeirah.  The Anantara Residence is an amazing gorgeous residential property with four hundred forty-two lovely and fully furnished apartments one and two bedrooms. Moreover, in this great residential building, there are fourteen penthouses forming part of the Anantara the Palm Dubai Resort which is situated on the eastern crescent of the famous and luxurious Palm Jumeirah. All these gorgeous apartments have a class end furniture and as well the variation of original interior touches, there are properties that are ready to move in and as well excellent fitted with beautiful wooden floors, there are moreover walk-in closets, built-in wardrobes, en-suite bathroom. The apartments are nicely equipped with an Opus smart home system, amazing quality furniture and the gorgeous the highest range kitchen appliances. What is as well really important that all apartments have a beautiful view from their own terraces with overlooking on Arabian Gulf, Atlantis, the Burj al Arab and the Palm.

It would be unfair not to mention that all residence basically lives in the gorgeous and luxurious five start resort Anantara The Palm Jumeirah, and all residents can generally step out of their apartments and expect the same level of service as a guest of the hotel receive. On top of that Anantara, the residence will get 20% discount on all F&B as they are owners. As well all owners can use the facilities such as beach, lagoon and poolside any time of the year. Moreover, each apartment going to get a parking space according to the number of bedrooms there is. Anantara is your dream home.

New developments in Dubai

We are off-plan Dubai and in this article we will tell you little bit about dubai properties and new developments in Dubai The purchase of real estate is currently relevant not only for foreigners from neighboring countries of the United Arab Emirates. Residents of central Europe are now actively investing in residential real estate. Attractively looks like the local housing and for Russian citizens: they are among the top ten foreign clients of elite housing in this prosperous city.

However, it is not only about new premium-class buildings, but also about more simple comfortable housing, which can be purchased relatively inexpensively. In connection with the growing consumer demand, the opening of even more construction sites is announced.

Prestige Property buy a buy property in Dubai cheaply from developers and owners, the site shows prices for property in Dubai, the location of objects, photos and description. Investing in Dubai is an investment in a rapidly developing metropolis, full of ambitious plans and incredible design solutions.

The growing interest in the purchase of apartments, houses, and hotels is evidenced by the dynamics of the profits of companies selling real estate: only in the past year, sales have increased by almost 200%. A convincing fact can also be found that the prices of apartments and houses a few years ago fell by half, and now grow quite quickly.

Economic forecasts suggest a further rise in price, so that someone who has already decided to buy an apartment or a house in this area, you should not hesitate. In addition, the choice is so great and varied that for each buyer there are several interesting options.

Attractive market conditions

Foreign investors, including Russia, in the largest city on the shore of the Persian Gulf feel comfortable: the real estate market is developing and full of offers, and transparent local legislation promotes the manifestation of economic interest.

Literally in early 2014, the law turned even more to those who want to buy a house or apartment in Dubai. Now registration of trade is simplified even more. Attracting investment from abroad has a beneficial effect on the economy of the country, so this strategy will continue.

clean swimming pool

Why do you need to clean swimming pool regularly? If you put a pool outside the city, very quickly it turns out that to keep it fresh water, protect from greens, it is very difficult!

Water in the pool does not do anything for a week and a half, and then the water usually spoils, bugs are spawning, although it remains even a week more or less transparent, yet it is not very fresh. You can chlorinate, but, according to reviews, even chlorination of water does not really save water from the fact that it spoils.

You can salt water – excellent water is obtained, if about 10 tons of water to pour about 50 kg of salt and 5 kg of soda – it even tastes slightly salty. Than it is good to salt water – so this is because in not then mosquitoes are not planted, mosquitoes do not breed, and birds do not fly. This is a great tool, the only drawback is that you need to carry the salt.

Well, from the greening of salt and soda water is not saved, and other means are needed. Especially in the heat.

Septic is necessary – it helps to protect water from greenery longer.

In summer, in the heat without disinfectants, even with a filter, the water in the pool spoils in a matter of days. Chemistry should be chosen based on the characteristics of water.

  • Swimming pools and everything for care

Sodium chloride (that is, a simple salt) does not chlorinate the water. Need free chlorine (because of the tap water feel the smell), and constantly, tk. he is flying. Chlorogenerators, provided that salt is added to the pool, works just like that to release chlorine, converting it to volatile substances – it also supports water in the pool.

Awnings – good, but every day, if it’s hot, to cover the pool – it’s not an easy thing. Tent can be used if the weather is cold and there will be a break from bathing. Or if you leave.

In chemistry – you can work with water on this plan:

1) equalize the balance of p / h – for example, about 8 – it’s high, you need 7.4

2) put a pill into the pump – a tablet with a long chlorine, the cartridge in the filter changes every 2-3 weeks

3) once a week or two at night – a tablet of rapid chlorine into the water.

4) Regularly you need to measure the level of p / h – this is the first, if the level does not jump, water can be saved much longer.

Some use HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: 10 liter tank is enough for the whole summer on the pool for about 20 tons of water. Peroxide is added to the water once a month. We work in gloves, tk. this is a highly concentrated liquid, and most importantly – do not fill in one place in plastic pools, or it can fret and not pour on the side of the pool. You can swim in a day. It is necessary to pour 0,5-0,7 kg per ton of water, and it is sold in canisters of 34 liters, approximately 1000 rubles. for the canister. Perhydrol is a sea of oxygen, do not smoke while working! Do not pour out all the volume into the pool at once from the canister, since perhydrol, which has not dissolved, can get to the bottom and as a result you will get a white stain on the bottom. Filter the pool included on the second day after pouring the peroxide – oxygen begins to foam in the water from a jet of pumping water.

IMPORTANT – clean the bottom, you need a vacuum cleaner, otherwise it starts to bloom from the bottom.

The water in the basin should not theoretically change during the season, if the conditions for chlorination and p / h are met, only add fresh water instead of evaporated water. That is, the pool water is poured once a season before it starts and merges in the spring before the change of water. For the winter, a special reagent, compressors (you can use ordinary plastic bottles from under water) is added to the water, and the water is safely frozen in the winter in the pool, it is covered with a blanket.

Water in the autumn for the winter until the end can not be drained, so that the soil under the pool with spring melting of snow does not go away, otherwise it will be necessary again to ram and level the base under the pool. So you need to take into account the possibility of care and maintenance of the pool, not only in the summer, but also in the “sleeping” season.

Chemistry for the pool

In fact, only three chemicals are needed for the pool:

  1. Softener (or vice versa) – depends on p / h, only special capacity and tablets are needed for measurement. If you do not bring the p / h level to the required 7.2-7.4 for stiffness, then the next two chemicals will need to be added much more, so the first is to bring the water to the required hardness-softness.
  2. Desalgine – from flowering.
  3. Chlorine tablets or powder (there are different types and names).

All the rest – in fact, not necessarily, and the obvious effect will not. So remember – just two chemicals-desalgine and chlorine tablets, and bringing the water hardness to the norm, and EVERYTHING. It is not difficult to master this procedure and add chemistry once a week. If of course you filter the pool, if not, then put a filter, this will improve the situation.

The higher the temperature of the water, the stronger the processes in it, it is necessary to follow the heat more carefully, more often to add chemistry.

Another option to maintain clean water in the pool:

  1. Superfocus Super Coagulant. Liquid means for removing turbidity of water in the pool.
  2. Calcinex Poole (stabilizer of stiffness).

Before the first set of water, the basin walls should be treated with desalgin. This is when you start the pool in the summer. Then add 60-65 kg of common salt to 20 tons of water, and …. until September, the water is clean, do not change!




Why should you hire an accountant

We are onkho productivity tool for accounts and in this article, we would like to explain you some reasons why you should hire an accountant.

First of all, if you are not familiar with accounting you will need somebody who can assist your company. In the finance world, if you feel confuse you will not be able to do this work, as well as if you do one mistake in a report you will spend hours and hours to find it and fix it. An accountant can talk with a straight term, with right terminology and manage your finance. An accountant can start your work on a right track.

Secondary, you are not familiar with taxes. As a company, you might be falling to pay your taxes on time and you will be obliged to pay penalties and fines. An account will do his job and advise you early on everything should be paid. Moreover, an accountant can make a prediction on taxes in case of different scenarios.

As well very time consuming is bookkeeping and they will keep you away from more important tasks. Even if you have some knowledge in accounting and finance, you need to understand that it will take all your time to fill all papers, keep documentations. When you have an accountant, you can focus on your business rather than all bookkeeping.

Obviously, as a businessman you want your business to grow. In this case, it is a good way to spend money in investing in right experts so they can do a job for you, while you are building a relationship with customers and expanding your company.

You have to consider to hire an accountant when your revenue is increasing, but not the profit. If you are selling a lot, but you are not earning maybe this is a time you need an accountant to identify where the issue is, what is the biggest cost for your business that does not let you earn money.

And when you will hire an accountant you can use leading online accounting software that will help your communication and keep an eye on accountant job.